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Grade 5 STEM Words
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. identifi
  2. identify
  3. identifie
Grade 2 Basic Shapes CCSS: 2.G.A.1
Grade 5 Triangles
Grade 4 Defining Words
Grade 5 Defining Words
Which word means belonging to the present time?
  1. current
  2. custom
  3. canyon
  4. identify
Grade 8 Themes
Choose the word that is spelled correctly.
  1. identefing
  2. identifing
  3. identefying
  4. identifying
Grade 9 Defining Words CCSS: CCRA.L.6, L.9-10.6
a favor or generosity
  1. courtesy
  2. affection
  3. identify
  4. capable
Grade 7 Defining Words
Grade 7 Defining Words
To make clear or understandable
  1. identify
  2. evidence
  3. explain
  4. support
Grade 7 Defining Words
Which word means "to name something or tell what it is"?
  1. identify
  2. affect
  3. interview
  4. illustrate
College Microbiology
Grade 5 Synonyms
A synonym for recognize is                .
  1. identify
  2. mistake
  3. misunderstand
  4. reject
Grade 5 Defining Words
Grade 6 Spelling CCSS: CCRA.L.2, L.6.2b
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. identified
  2. identafied
  3. identiffied
Grade 9 Journalism
Which of the following do you NOT need to prove libel?
  1. identified/identifiable
  2. harmed reputation
  3. proof it was said to others
  4. malicious intent/negligence
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