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Grade 10 :: Golden Age by Qalam
All of the following factors contributed to the rapid expansion of the early Muslim empire EXCEPT
  1. forced conversions of conquered people
  2. the military skill of the Muslim armies
  3. weaknesses in the Byzantine and Persian Empires
  4. the strong faith of the Muslim soldiers
Grade 9 :: Golden Age by Semper4u72
What area did the Umayyads add to the Muslim Empire?
  1. North America
  2. Western North Africa
  3. All of Asia
  4. Cuba
Grade 10 :: Golden Age by Qalam
Islamic law required that Jews and Christians
  1. convert to Islam
  2. be driven from Muslim lands
  3. learn Arabic
  4. be treated with tolerance
Grade 10 :: Author's Purpose by szeiger

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President Obama ends his first paragraph with the greeting "Assalaamu alaykum" a common Muslim greeting that means "Peace be with you." Why does he use this greeting?
  1. To help get the Muslims on his side
  2. To offer a friendly, non-threatening approach
  3. To make himself more knowledgeable of Muslim culture
  4. To show off his Muslim roots
Grade 7 :: Cause and Effect by szeiger

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Grade 6 :: Golden Age by lynnette97
Grade 10 :: Golden Age by Qalam
Under Abbasid rule, a key force unifying the Muslim Empire was
  1. direct political control
  2. economy and trade
  3. Persian language and culture
  4. a common vision of Islam
Grade 10 :: Renaissance and Reformation by Sprsam13
The study of classical texts caused humanists to focus on what subjects?
  1. human potential and achievement
  2. an understanding of early Christianity
  3. an understanding of ancient Muslim values
  4. Roman law and government
Grade 11 :: The Frontier by shelliemiller
The Treaty of Tordesillas involved an imaginary line dividing
  1. Spain and Portugal
  2. areas that could be claimed by Spain and by Portugal
  3. Christian and Muslim lands
  4. areas that could be claimed by Christians and Muslims
Grade 6 :: Modern Africa and Mid East by ttipto1
Which three religious groups are in constant conflict in the Southwest region of Asia?
  1. Buddhist, Muslims, Jehovah's Witness
  2. Jewish, Christian, Muslim
  3. Christian, Buddhist, Jewish
  4. None of the above
Grade 9 :: Medieval Europe by Daphney
Grade 10 :: Golden Age by Ash1222
Around the 10th century, the kings of Ghana converted to Islam, what as one of the effects?
  1. They forced Islam on society
  2. The commoners rebelled
  3. Relations with Muslim merchants from the North of Africa improved
  4. Native religious specialists were not able to perform their practices
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