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Grade 3 US Government
Who is the leader of our state?
  1. Mayor
  2. Governor
  3. President
  4. Teacher
Grade 7 Formation of the USA
Santa Anna became a ruler with total power, or a
  1. president.
  2. dictator.
  3. general.
  4. filibuster
Grade 4 Colonial Period
What is a Sachem?
  1. a teacher
  2. a parent
  3. a president
  4. a ruler
Grade 7 Latin America and Caribbean
Who was in charge of drawing the Line of Demarcation?
  1. the King
  2. the Queen
  3. the President
  4. the Pope
Grade 5 Executive Branch
The head of the Executive Branch in the state is
  1. President
  2. Senator
  3. Governor
  4. Legislature
Grade 1 Culture
Grade 12 Economics
This is an example of semiskilled labor:
  1. Lifeguard
  2. Teacher
  3. Doctor
  4. The President
Grade 3 Georgia
Who is the leader of Georgia?
  1. Mayor
  2. Governor
  3. President
  4. Teacher
Grade 9 Judicial Branch
Who has the power to nominate Supreme Court justices to the bench?
  1. The President
  2. Senators
  3. Coulson
  4. Representatives
Grade 2 US Government
The leader of the Local government is               .
  1. the President.
  2. the Governor.
  3. the Judge.
  4. the Mayor.
Grade 2 Executive Branch
The chief executive of the United States is...
  1. The Governor
  2. The Mayor
  3. The President
Grade 10 Vocabulary
Grade 3 Executive Branch
The leader of a state's government.
  1. mayor
  2. president
  3. governor
Grade 6 US Government
Who is the leader of the Local Government?
  1. Mayor
  2. Judge
  3. President
  4. Governor
Grade 8 United States (Local)
Grade 3 Capitalization
How would you capitalize the following title?

happy birthday, mr. president
  1. Happy birthday, mr. president
  2. Happy birthday, Mr. President
  3. Happy Birthday, Mr. President
  4. Happy Birthday, Mr. president
Grade 6 Executive Branch
Who is in charge of the Executive Branch?
  1. Congress
  2. President
  3. Supreme Court
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