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Grade 9 :: Psychology by cjones09
Grade 9 :: Physics by lisamarie137
Define physical science.
  1. study of living organisms
  2. study of earth and space
  3. study of the stars
  4. study of matter and energy
College :: Emotional, Social, and Mental Health by caiturn
What is neuropsychology?
  1. The study of the human body
  2. The study of the neurons in the body
  3. The study of brain-behavior relationships
  4. The study of the human brain and the neuros within it
Grade 11 :: Prefixes and Suffixes by mulelc
  1. Study
  2. Love
  3. Think
  4. All
Grade 10 :: Biology by Ms_VThomas
Biology is the study of                .
  1. life
  2. chemicals
  3. natural science
  4. body
Grade 10 :: Medical Terms by lolaannnnn
Pathology is the study of..
  1. diseases
  2. functioning of organisms
  3. birds
  4. insects
None :: Ancient History by makachik
Archaeology is the study of:
  1. arches
  2. freshwater ecosystems
  3. past peoples and cultures through the excavation and examination of material remains
  4. building design
Grade 9 :: Botany by napierta
The study of plants.
  1. biology
  2. botany
  3. zoology
  4. ecology
Character Study by Sharon
Character Study
Grade 8 :: Character Study by shelleygeorge
He was a very shy, quiet man.
This is an example of:
  1. Indirect Characterization
  2. Direct Characterization
Grade 8 :: Character Study by shelleygeorge
"I've always thought of her as a very special person," Mrs. Jones said of her neighbor, Mary.

In the above statement, indirect characterization is revealed through the following method:
  1. the character's thoughts, actions or words
  2. the character's physical appearance
  3. the thoughts, actions, or words of another character
  4. the author directly tells the reader about the character
Grade 8 :: Character Study by shelleygeorge
When a reader has to infer what the character is like based on what he says, thinks, or does is called:
  1. direct characterization
  2. indirect characterization
  3. the author's message
  4. point of view
Grade 7 :: Character Study by SarahKBiddle
A dynamic character...
  1. doesn't change
  2. changes physically
  3. changes personality
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