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Grade 4 Vocabulary
Grade 7 Vocabulary
What does the word ETYMOLOGY mean?
  1. The study of the origin of life
  2. The study of the origin of eagles
  3. The study of the orgin of words
  4. The study of the origin of essay writing
Grade 11 Anatomy and Physiology
Which statement best defines Anatomy & Physiology?
  1. The study of living organisms
  2. The study of plants
  3. The study of structure and function of the human body
  4. The study of tissue
Grade 5 Lab Practices and Tools
Grade 5 Biology
Which scientist might investigate how plants make food?
  1. an oceanographer studying ocean water chemistry
  2. a botanist studying photosynthesis
  3. a physicist studying the speed of objects
  4. a meteorologist studying weather conditions
Grade 1 Diet and Nutrition
College Visual Arts
Impressionism was the style of art that mainly focused on the
  1. study of geometric form
  2. study of negative and positive space
  3. study of light on the surface of an object
  4. study of value
Grade 9 Communities, Populations, and Ecosystems
What is ecology?
  1. study of habitats
  2. study of life
  3. study of interations between organisms and their environment
  4. study of the environment
Grade 10 Biology
Biology is the study of                .
  1. life
  2. chemicals
  3. natural science
  4. body
Grade 10 Medical Terms
Pathology is the study of..
  1. diseases
  2. functioning of organisms
  3. birds
  4. insects
None Ancient History
Archaeology is the study of:
  1. arches
  2. freshwater ecosystems
  3. past peoples and cultures through the excavation and examination of material remains
  4. building design
Grade 9 Botany
The study of plants.
  1. biology
  2. botany
  3. zoology
  4. ecology
Grade 9 Geography
Geography is the study of
  1. physical and human features
  2. man and his environment
  3. money and economics
  4. man and animals
Grade 7 Atmosphere
Meteorology is the study of                   
  1. meteors
  2. Earth's atmosphere
  3. meters
  4. animals
Grade 6 Ancient History
College Microbiology
Microbilogy is the study of
  1. Space
  2. Animals
  3. Bacteria
  4. microorganisms
Grade 4 Biology
Biology is the study of                        .
  1. multi-cellular organisms
  2. the earth
  3. life
  4. populations
  5. habitats
Grade 8 Atmosphere
Meteorology is the study of....
  1. rocks
  2. weather
  3. meteors
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