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Grade 4 Defining Words
To learn by viewing or reading
  1. mine
  2. test
  3. hard
  4. study
Grade 7 Zoology
What is an entomologist?
  1. scientist who studies entities
  2. scientist who studies morphology
  3. scientist who studies insects
  4. scientist who forgot to study
Grade 9 Psychology
College Emotional, Social, and Mental Health
What is neuropsychology?
  1. The study of the human body
  2. The study of the neurons in the body
  3. The study of brain-behavior relationships
  4. The study of the human brain and the neuros within it
Grade 6 Historical Geology
What is Paleontology?
  1. the study of dead animals
  2. the study of dealing with the life and past of geological periods
  3. the study of dinosaurs
  4. the study of volcanoes
Grade 11 Prefixes and Suffixes
  1. Study
  2. Love
  3. Think
  4. All
College Medical Terms
What does the word part -pathy mean?
  1. cause
  2. to study
  3. disease
  4. structure
Grade 10 Zoology
What does an Ichthyologist do?
  1. Studies human anatomy
  2. Studies marine biology
  3. Studies water science
  4. Studies fish
Grade 9 Physics
Define physical science.
  1. study of living organisms
  2. study of earth and space
  3. study of the stars
  4. study of matter and energy
Grade 7 Defining Words
What does the word ETYMOLOGY mean?
  1. The study of the origin of life
  2. The study of the origin of eagles
  3. The study of the orgin of words
  4. The study of the origin of essay writing
Grade 4 Defining Words
College Communities, Populations, and Ecosystems
Which of the following is a good definition for ecology?
  1. The study of life
  2. Study of human interactions with matter and energy resources
  3. Study of embryo development
  4. Study of relationships between organisms and the environment
  5. Study of the classification or organisms
Grade 11 Anatomy and Physiology
Which statement best defines Anatomy & Physiology?
  1. The study of living organisms
  2. The study of plants
  3. The study of structure and function of the human body
  4. The study of tissue
Grade 5 Lab Practices and Tools
Grade 1 Diet and Nutrition
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