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Grade 4 Social Studies Words
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. presadent
  2. presedent
  3. president
Grade 9 Evolution
In natural selection, what determines variations?
  1. humans
  2. animals
  3. nature
  4. the president
Grade 8 Executive Branch
A state sends delegates to the Electoral College to vote for -
  1. a Senator
  2. a Representative
  3. the Governor
  4. the President
Grade 9 Modern China
In China's current government, this person has most of the power.
  1. The President
  2. The PLA
  3. The people
  4. The State
Grade 4 Economics
Someone who puts money into a business is called an
  1. president
  2. profit
  3. investor
  4. citizen
Grade 3 Executive Branch
Who is the leader of a state's executive branch?
  1. the governor
  2. the mayor
  3. the president
Grade 9 US Government
Who gives all government power to function?
  1. The people
  2. The president
  3. The judges
  4. Lawyers
Grade 1 US Government
Grade 7 Connotations and Denotations
Grade 3 Social Studies Words
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. presadent
  2. presedent
  3. president
Grade 8 US History
Who can be buried at Arlington Cemetery?
  1. President's wives
  2. Presidents
  3. all war veterans
  4. A & B
  5. all of the above
Grade 9 Legislative Branch
The leader of the House of Representatives is the
  1. Speaker.
  2. President Pro Tempore.
  3. Vice President.
  4. Oldest Representative.
Grade 7 Legislative Branch
Grade 4 Executive Branch
The inauguration is when
  1. The president moves into the White House
  2. The president makes a promise to be a good leader
  3. The president goes to a Justin Bieber concert
  4. The president passes a bill into law
Grade 5 Civil War
Grade 6 Absolutism
A ruler with complete power
  1. absolute monarch
  2. President
  3. Tyrant
  4. Protestant
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