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Grade 9 Twilight
Grade 4 Teachings of the Bible
Grade 4 Teachings of the Bible
Grade 7 Twilight
What is the name of the Vampire Father/Doctor?
  1. Carlisle
  2. Charlie
  3. Edward
  4. Jacob
Grade 5 The History of Jesus
None Spanish
What was the name of Abraham's first son?
  1. Isaac
  2. Midian
  3. Ishmael
  4. Jacob
Grade 6 Teachings of the Bible
Who is Ruth's great-grandson?
  1. Joseph
  2. Jacob
  3. Ezekiel
  4. David
Grade 8 Twilight
Grade 1 Teachings of the Bible
Grade 8 Twilight
Who is the main character?
  1. Victoria
  2. Jacob
  3. Bella
  4. Edward
  5. Carlisle
Grade 11 DNA, RNA, and Genetics
What syndrome would a person have with trisomy 21 ?
  1. Down
  2. Klinefelters
  3. Turner
  4. Edward
  5. Jacobs
Grade 5 Sentence Structure
Which of the following is a complete sentence?
  1. Suzy and Jacob like.
  2. Suzy reads Jacob likes.
  3. Suzy likes reading books.
  4. Suzy and Jacob might like.
Grade 1 Teachings of the Bible
How did Laban trick Jacob?
  1. He gave him the wrong bride.
  2. He gave Jacob a sick camel.
  3. He tied goat skin to his arms.
Grade 5 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
Continuing Education Fashion and Style
Grade 7 A Christmas Carol
Grade 11 The Crucible
What will Putnam get if Jacob goes to jail?
  1. Money
  2. Jacob's land
  3. Nothing
  4. His witchcraft books
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