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Grade 8 Themes of Geography
Lines of longitude are
  1. Imaginary lines that run east to west
  2. Imaginary lines that run north-south
Grade 4 Map Components
The lines of longitude                                 
  1. Look like the letter H
  2. measures distance north or south
  3. measures distance east or west
  4. show maps
Grade 10 Map Components
Longitude lines:
  1. run east and west of the Equator
  2. run north and south of the Prime Meridian
  3. meet at the poles
  4. have a maximum of 90 degrees
Grade 4 Map Components
Grade 5 Map Components
A person who makes maps.
  1. map
  2. longitude
  3. cartographer
  4. equator
Grade 8 Geography
Lines of longitude are also known as
  1. parallels.
  2. meridians.
Grade 9 Themes of Geography
Grade 12 Themes of Geography
Longitude runs                                  and measures                                 .
  1. north and south, north and south
  2. north and south, east and west
  3. east and west, north and south
  4. east and west, east and west
Grade 7 Themes of Geography
Locating or being located; position; place
  1. equator
  2. location
  3. longitude
  4. latitude
Grade 4 STEM Words
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. logitude
  2. loggitude
  3. longitude
Grade 4 Map Components
Grade 4 Themes of Geography
Latitude and longitude are used to...
  1. locate rivers and lakes
  2. understand map symbols
  3. help find specific locations
Grade 4 Map Components
Grade 7 Themes of Geography
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