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Grade 7 Islam
Islam is the dominant religion throughout which of these regions of the world:
  1. Eastern and Western Europe
  2. China and Tibet
  3. Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia
  4. The USA and Canada
Grade 10 Golden Age
Grade 5 Renaissance and Reformation
Grade 10 Islam
A Muslim ruler
  1. Sultan
  2. Clovis
  3. Charlemagne
  4. Sharia
Grade 6 Islam
Who worships in a mosque?
  1. Buddhists
  2. Muslims
  3. Hindus
College Golden Age
Grade 9 Social Studies
Who was the founder of Islam?
  1. Allah
  2. Muhammad
  3. Muslim
  4. Hijrah
Grade 5 Medieval Europe
The Crusades were wars between the Christians and:
  1. the Greeks
  2. the Vikings
  3. the Muslims
  4. the Romans
Grade 9 Twentieth Century and Modern - 1900-2000
What was Bob Marley's religion at birth?
  1. Rastafari
  2. Judaism
  3. Muslim
  4. Christian
Grade 6 Islam
The Qur'an is the holy book of which group of people?
  1. Jews
  2. Protestants
  3. Muslims
  4. Catholics
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