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Grade 4 Holes
What does Stanley determine a nickname indicates?
  1. A nickname is silly and he doesn't like them.
  2. A nickname is a term of respect.
  3. The nicknames of the campers don't describe the person.
  4. The nicknames are given to make "mom" mad.
Grade 8 Fallen Angels
What is a "hooch"?
  1. Beer or liquor
  2. A nickname for a guard
  3. A truce
  4. Barracks
Grade 9 Job Search and Career
What should your professional email consist of?
  1. your nickname
  2. numbers, name, nickname
  3. first and last name
  4. your favorite sports team
Grade 8 Fallen Angels
Who or what is "Willy Peter"?
  1. The new guy in the hooch
  2. potassium
  3. white phosphorus
  4. Doyle's nickname
Grade 1 US History
What was Lincoln's nickname?
  1. Stilts
  2. Truthful Lincoln
  3. Honest Abe
Grade 4 Kentucky
What is the nickname for Kentucky?
  1. The Golden State
  2. The Sunshine State
  3. The Sunflower State
  4. The Bluegrass State
Grade 11 The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere CCSS: CCRA.R.1, RL.11-12.1

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Original titled "Paul Revere's Ride," the title was changed to "The Landlord's Tale."
The landlord most likely represents...
  1. Paul Revere's occupation
  2. The speaker in the poem
  3. The author of the poem
  4. Paul Revere's nickname
Grade 9 James Patterson
What is the lead robbers nickname?
  1. The Unknown
  2. The Mastermind
  3. Chuck
  4. The Boss
Grade 5 Civil War
Ulysses S. Grant's Nickname was...
  1. "Red Devil"
  2. "Unconditional Surrender"
  3. "Fighting Grant"
  4. "Antislavery Grant"
Grade 9 Flags of Our Fathers
Grade 8 Cell Structure and Function
A 'nickname' for mitochondria in cells is the                            .
  1. cell's control center.
  2. cell's protective covering.
  3. the cellular powerhouse.
  4. the cytoplasm.
Grade 9 To Kill a Mockingbird
What was Atticus' nickname as a child?
  1. Atticus the Cactus
  2. One-Shot Finch
  3. One-Inch Finch
  4. Attic Atticus
Grade 9 Illinois
State Nickname of Illinois is.
  1. Cardinal State
  2. Sunshine State
  3. Prairie State
  4. Peach Blossom State
Grade 8 American Revolution
Francis Marion's nickname was the                .
  1. Swamp Monkey
  2. Swamp Bird
  3. Swamp Fox
  4. Swamp Beaver
Grade 5 Civil War
Grade 6 Al Capone Does My Shirts
What was Matthew Flanagan's nickname?
  1. Matt
  2. Scout
  3. Moose
  4. Pitcher
Grade 7 Freak the Mighty
What was Tony D's nickname?
  1. Swift
  2. Rusty
  3. Slice
  4. Blade
Grade 10 American Revolution
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