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Grade 4 :: Prepositions by stacij
Prepositional phrases:
Select the sentence with a prepositional phrase.
  1. The black dachshund under the bench is Henry’s dog.
  2. Take the dogs outside.
Grade 5 :: Grammar by mm311
Grade 4 :: Grammar by JustinJLeo
Which of these is NOT a prepositional phrase?
  1. in the valley
  2. across the street
  3. hitting the yard
  4. over the hill
None :: Prepositions by NZielinski
Which phrase is a prepositional phrase?
  1. to run
  2. to sing joyfully
  3. to have suffered
  4. to the beach
Grade 4 :: Parts of Speech by Tankus22
Label the following sentence with the correct parts of speech. Remember to put them in order from the beginning of the sentence to the end.

He ran quickly through the forest.
  1. Proper noun, verb, adverb, preposition, prepositional phrase
  2. Verb, adverb, preposition, prepositional phrase
  3. Noun, verb, adverb, preposition, prepositional phrase
  4. Adverb, verb, subject, preposition, prepositional phrase
Grade 7 :: Prepositions by mhilliard84
Grade 7 :: Prepositions by mhilliard84
Grade 5 :: Grammar by cgarrett21
Grade 9 :: Sentence Structure by Chrismeyer
In the following sentence, what is the function of the prepositional phrase?

The claws of the eagle were sharp.
  1. It functions as a pronoun.
  2. It functions as an adjective.
  3. It functions as an adverb.
  4. It functions as an infinitive.
Grade 5 :: Grammar by cgarrett21
Which part of the sentence is the prepositional phrase?

Kelly, took the largest slice of pizza.
  1. Kelly, took
  2. took the largest slice
  3. of pizza.
  4. largest slice of pizza.
Grade 7 :: Grammar by PSmith
Which part of the sentence is the prepositional phrase?

Horatio found his glasses underneath the stairs.
  1. found his glasses
  2. the stairs
  3. underneath the stairs
  4. his glasses underneath the stairs
Grade 2 :: Prepositions by kyrawest
Select the answer that is incorrect.
Prepositions can:
  1. locate an item in space
  2. locate an item in time
  3. show a logical relationship between the object and another word in the sentence
  4. take the place of a noun
  5. have an adverb as a preposition in a prepositional phrase
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