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Grade 7 Prefixes and Suffixes
What is the meaning of the word below?

  1. no shirt
  2. one shirt
  3. more than one shirt
Grade 2 Possessives CCSS: CCRA.L.2, L.2.2, L.2.2c
the shirts of the boys
  1. the boy's shirts
  2. the boys' shirts
  3. the boys shirts
  4. the boy shirts
Grade 12 French
Le blouson is
  1. a pullover
  2. a T-shirt
  3. a shirt
  4. a windbreaker
Grade 1 Nouns CCSS: CCRA.L.1, L.1.1, L.1.1b
Grade 12 French
Le blouson is
  1. a shirt
  2. a T-shirt
  3. a pullover
  4. a windbreaker jacket
Kindergarten Children's Literature
Grade 1 Everyday English

What is this?
  1. a coat
  2. a shirt
  3. a shoe
  4. a vest
Grade 1 Seasonal Words
What do you wear in the pool?
  1. shirt
  2. pants
  3. socks
  4. swimsuit
Grade 2 Phonics
Which word contains the CH digraph?
  1. Skirt
  2. Shirt
  3. Thick
  4. Chick
Grade 1 People and Places CCSS: CCRA.L.5, L.1.5, L.1.5a
Grade 12 French
La chemise refers to
  1. a jacket
  2. a skirt
  3. a shirt
  4. a purse
Grade 12 French
La jupe refers to
  1. shoes
  2. a shirt
  3. a skirt
  4. a backpack
None Sports
The uniform dress of the players is:
  1. Shirt, pants, leggings, and shoes
  2. Shirt, shorts, leggings, and shoes
  3. Shirt, pants, socks, and boots
  4. Shirt, shorts, socks, and boots
Grade 12 Spanish
los pantalones
  1. jeans
  2. pants
  3. shirts
  4. pepper
Grade 1 STEM Words
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