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Grade 3 Subject-Verb Agreement
Continuing Education Verbs
Grade 1 Prefixes and Suffixes
What is the meaning of the word below?

  1. to sing
  2. want to sing
  3. a person who sings
Grade 11 Performance and Listening
Grade 6 Performance and Listening
When you are singing in a staccato style, you will be singing...
  1. smoothly
  2. strongly with accents
  3. short and snappy
  4. forcefully
Grade 8 Performance and Listening
Vocal percussionist is the performer who...
  1. sings tenor
  2. sings bass
  3. makes drum noises
  4. sings alto
Grade 2 US History
Why was "My Country 'Tis of Thee" written?
  1. for a school choir to sing
  2. for adults to sing
  3. for children to sing in church
Grade 3 Performance and Listening
To play something "a capella" means:
  1. To sing loudly
  2. To sing without instruments
  3. To sing in a cappella choir
Grade 6 Performance and Listening
When you sing in a legato style, you are singing:
  1. short and snappy
  2. strong and accented
  3. smoothly
  4. slowly
Grade 4 Sentence Structure
What is the compound predicate in the following sentence?

My sister sings and dances well.
  1. sister and sings
  2. sings and dances
  3. sings and well
  4. dances and well
Grade 11 The Fall of the House of Usher
The name of the poem Roderick sings is:
  1. The Hallowed House
  2. The Eerie Palace
  3. The House of Usher
  4. The Haunted Palace
Grade 1 Rhymes
What word rhymes with "sing"?
  1. drag
  2. equal
  3. bring
  4. sad
Grade 1 Cinderella
Grade 1 Rhymes
What word rhymes with SING?
  1. sand
  2. ring
  3. bear
  4. shell
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