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Grade 9 Visual Arts
In a work of art, the space around an object is called
  1. negative space
  2. positive space
  3. full space
  4. contour space
Grade 9 Visual Arts
Aerial perspective is also known as
  1. atmospheric perspective
  2. one-point perspective
  3. implied perspective
  4. linear perspective
Grade 8 Universe
Which of the following objects is the largest?
  1. star
  2. galaxy
  3. solar system
  4. planet
Grade 4 Space Exploration
What does the word "astronautics" mean?
  1. Flying in a plane.
  2. The science of studying the stars.
  3. The science of space flight.
  4. The science of learning about galaxies.
Grade 6 Planetary Motion
Grade 5 Lab Practices and Tools
What is a tool to see far away?
  1. microscope
  2. telescope
  3. hand lens
  4. magnet
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