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Grade 3 Spelling
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. sport
  2. spourt
  3. sporte
Grade 3 Roman Empire
Which of these is NOT a contribution from Ancient Rome?
  1. Music
  2. Government
  3. Sports
  4. Architecture
Grade 6 Culture
Which of the following is an element of culture?
  1. landforms
  2. latitude
  3. geography
  4. sports
Grade 3 Themes
Grade 6 Volleyball

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Grade 10 Kickball
Grade 7 A Wrinkle in Time
How does Calvin O'Keefe describe himself?
  1. as a genius
  2. as a normal guy
  3. as an athlete
  4. as a sport
Grade 11 Roaring 20s
What types of entertainment became popular in the 1920s?
  1. sports
  2. movies
  3. music
  4. all of the above
Grade 6 Around the Home
Under which classified heading would a sofa belong?
  1. Furniture
  2. Sports Equipment
  3. Pets
  4. Appliances
Grade 12 Sports
Ultimate is a                  disc sport.
  1. full contact
  2. individual
  3. non-contact
  4. none of the above
Grade 7 Canada
What is Canada's national sport?
  1. Basketball
  2. Baseball
  3. Tennis
  4. Ice Hockey
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