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Grade 6 Defining Words
To stay hidden:
  1. reel
  2. monotonous
  3. lurk
  4. remnant
Grade 10 Rikki-tikki-tavi
Why does Rikki avoid over-eating?
  1. to stay fast
  2. to stay thin
  3. to stay small
  4. to stay cute
Grade 9 Cell Structure and Function
Grade 10 Zoology
The bactrian camel stays hydrated by                                                .
  1. drinking copious amounts of water when it rains
  2. eating succulent vegetation
  3. eating snow
  4. licking ice
Grade 3 Mr. Popper's Penguins
When the Poppers stayed in a hotel
  1. the penguins ruined the room.
  2. they had to pay a large hotel bill.
  3. other people came to the hotel to see the penguins.
  4. a special room was always prepared for the penguins.
Grade 6 Defining Words
to stay longer than necessary:
  1. compassion
  2. abode
  3. linger
  4. listless
Grade 11 Oceanography and Hydrology
Grade 1 Teachings of the Bible
Grade 7 Daily Living Skills
Grade 9 Atmosphere
Grade 1 Defining Words
Grade 2 Spelling
Pick the correct spelling.
  1. stey
  2. stea
  3. steigh
  4. stay
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