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Grade 6 :: Musical Terms by janetdrown
Grade 12 :: Main Idea by szeiger

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What tone does Lincoln's speech have?
  1. A tone of hope
  2. A somber tone
  3. A tone of restoration
  4. A tone of forgiveness
Continuing Education :: Scales by Pamariano
A leading tone is:
  1. The first note of a scale
  2. The seventh note of a scale
  3. The fifth note of a scale
  4. Is not a member of a scale
Grade 9 :: English Language Arts by childress
Grade 8 :: Story Elements by shelleygeorge
Grade 9 :: Visual Arts by tamaramills
Grade 5 :: Musical Terms by Mikemasloski
The main tune of a song is called the:
  1. tone
  2. harmony
  3. melody
  4. rhythm
Grade 3 :: Performance and Listening by finchfam
Grade 8 :: Story Elements by shelleygeorge
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