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Grade 5 Biomes
Which of the following best describes the location of the tundra biome?
  1. Southern hemisphere
  2. Northern hemisphere
  3. Subtropics
  4. Tropics
Grade 4 Biomes
What is a tundra?
  1. areas where land and water meet; always wet
  2. a very dry area that is mostly hot during the day
  3. place with many trees and abundant food for animals
  4. a place with sparse vegetation and is cold throughout the year
Grade 5 Biomes
What is the boundary between the tundra and the forest?
  1. glacier
  2. desert
  3. chaparral
  4. timberline
Grade 5 Biomes
Which of the following is not a type of tundra?
  1. Arctic Tundra
  2. Alpine Tundra
  3. Austrian Tundra
  4. Antarctic Tundra
Grade 7 Geography
Define a Tundra
  1. All of the physical surroundings in a place, including land, water, animals, plants, and climate
  2. To change in order to adjust to a new condition or environment.
  3. A vast, treeless plain in the Artic regions with very cold winters, cold summers, and little rain or snow.
  4. A people’s way of life, including beliefs, customs, food, dwellings, and clothing
Grade 7 Geography
In the tundra, winters are...
  1. mild
  2. cool
  3. bitterly cold
  4. average
Grade 5 Geography
Grade 2 Geography
Permafrost and tundra are found in:
  1. the arctic
  2. Orillia
  3. near the equator
  4. everywhere
Grade 11 Biomes
Grade 11 Biomes
Which animal lives on the tundra?
  1. Tiger
  2. Turtle
  3. Polar Bear
  4. Lion
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