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Subject and Predicate

Name: __________________________ Date: __________________________

Subject and Predicate

Birthdays come only once a year,

The subject of the sentence is                        
The predicate of the sentence is               
The boy ran into the house.

The simple subject of the sentence is             

The simple predicate of the sentence is             
Circle the subject and underline the predicate.

Thirteen pink candles decorated Lisa's birthday cake.

The __________ tells what the subject does or is.
  1. statement
  2. subject
  3. exclamation
  4. predicate
What is a subject and a predicate?

A sentence has a complete subject and predicate.
  1. True
  2. False
Write a good sentence that has the word fish as the subject and the word swims as the predicate.

The ___________ tells what or whom the sentence is about.
  1. statement
  2. predicate
  3. command
  4. subject
Write TWO sentences - including a subject and predicate.

Underline the subject ONCE and the predicate TWICE.

David drove to the grocery store to buy some milk.

What are the subject and predicate of this sentence?
  1. David, drove
  2. grocery, store
  3. David, milk
  4. store, buy
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