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Dependent Clauses

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Dependent Clauses

The subordinate clause contains a subject but not a verb.
  1. True
  2. False
Which of the following is a dependent clause?
  1. If the weather is still nice
  2. That's the most spectacular view of all
  3. You'll want to take pictures
  4. You will reach the city of Asheville later
Which of the following is the best answer for writing sentences with subordinate clauses?
  1. Use a comma if the subordinate clause starts the sentence
  2. Use a comma if the subordinate clause ends the sentence
  3. Only use a comma if the subordinate clause ending the sentence shows a contrast
  4. Both A and B (NOT C)
  5. Both A and C (NOT B)
A DEPENDENT CLAUSE can not stand alone as a sentence.
  1. True
  2. False
                          join a dependent clause to an independent clause.
  1. transitive verbs
  2. possessives
  3. subordinating conjunctions
  4. reflexive pronouns
A dependent clause that begins a sentence must be followed by a                 .
Identify each set of events as independent or dependent.

a. tossing two coins, a dime and quarter

b. tossing the same coin twice

c. putting 10 students' names in a bag and drawing two names without replacement

d. putting 10 students' names in a bag and drawing one per week to choose a room monitor. A student can be chosen more than once.

Over the river and through the woods on the other side of the county to Grandmother's house.
  1. independent
  2. dependent
The smell of baked bread.
  1. independent
  2. dependent
A dependent clause does not contain a subject and a verb, but an indpendent clause does.
  1. True
  2. False
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