Rational Exponents (Grade 10)

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Rational Exponents

What is [math](3a^2)^3(4a^3)^0[/math] simplified?

Express each of the following with fractional exponents.

a. [math]root3(25^2)[/math]

b. [math]sqrt35[/math]

What is the exact value of each of the following radicals?

a.[math](2 3/4)^4[/math]

b. [math]((3^3)(3^2))^3[/math]

c. [math](4/20)^3[/math]

d. [math]sqrt(a^4b^6)[/math]

e. [math]root3(a^3)[/math]

f. [math]sqrt25[/math]

Which of the following is the simplified version of [math](6x^2-4x^5+2x^3)^3/(2x^4)[/math]
  1. [math](6x^6-4x^15+2x^9)/(2x^4)[/math]
  2. [math]108x^2-32x^11+4x^5[/math]
  3. [math](6x^5-4x^8+2x^6)/(2x^4)[/math]
  4. [math]108x-32x^4+4x^2[/math]
Express with positive exponents:




Express the following expression in simplest radical form using only one radical sign.


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