Test Maker™ - Make Your Own Quizzes, Tests, and Worksheets

Make your own multiple-choice tests & quizzes - printable and online versions.Generate math worksheets and printable games.

Test Maker Features

Create Questions

Support for multiple choice, fill in the blank, true/false, short answer, and open-ended questions.
Enter questions once and reuse them on many tests.
Browse your questions by subject and grade level.
Embed simple to complex math equations.

Build Tests

Build tests from a mix of your own questions and questions from our library.
Search our question library by keyword, subject, grade level, and question type.
Choose font and font size.
Option to display test questions in two columns.
Copy & customize tests and shuffle questions.
Choose header fields: name, date, and/or class.

Subscriber Benefits

Create longer tests (up to 100 questions).
Search & use our library of Common Core aligned questions.
Embed images in questions. Use our library of images or upload your own.
Save tests in PDF format.
Schedule online tests using our Test Room platform.
Use, copy, and customize tests and worksheets from our pre-made library.