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Printable Science Worksheets, Tests, and Activities

Challenge students to explore the natural and physical world with this collection of science worksheets and activities. Worksheets promote the scientific method and improve problem-solving skills while reinforcing the scientific knowledge kids need to learn in grades K-12.

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Science Review Worksheets


Discover the natural world with this collection of free biology worksheets on botany, ecosystems, and the human body. Test knowledge of anatomy and physiology by identifying features on ear, eye, heart, and cell reproduction diagrams.

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Learn about atomic structure as well as matter composition and reactions. Practice mole calculations, name compounds, and use graphic organizers to develop student understanding with these printable chemistry worksheets.

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Explore the wonders of the solar system and universe using these printable astronomy worksheets. Research a planet with our graphic organizer activity or answer questions about moon phase images.

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Earth Science

Investigate the planet Earth with these assessments on its structure, processes, and resources. Earth Science activities include rock classification and diagramming the rock cycle.

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Try physics tests on motion, energy, and forces. Take a quiz to test knowledge of electrical circuits using schematic symbols.

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Scientific Methods and Applications