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Free Printable US History Worksheets

US History Tests and Worksheets

Every major topic in American History is represented, including the Civil War, the Rise of Industry, and the Great Depression. Our bank of assignments also include activities that utilize maps, projects that analyze presidential elections, tests that explain national holidays, and much more.

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US History Lessons

Our animated lessons feature an overview of some of the seminal documents in U.S. history, including the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Lessons are accompanied by practice questions and worksheets.

US History Tests, Quizzes, and Worksheets

Colonial Developments

Native-American and early European settlements in the New World provide essential understandings of the new ways of life developed in North America, and set the stage for the birth of a nation.

Constitutional Foundations and Early Years

The struggle to create a new nation and to define the relationships among the branches of government makes this an especially complicated period for the young country.

Civil War, Expansion, and Industrialization

The battle over states rights and sectionalism explodes, while America continues its journey to becoming the modern juggernaut of the 20th century.

20th Century and Modern Day

America experiences triumph and tragedy as the central figure in world events, while struggling to cope with domestic strife and enjoy success and infrequent peace on the home front.


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