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Created: Nov 24, 2011
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An Old-fashioned Saturday by Margaret Hockett
I hear a whistle and then a whinny.
Prancer is off!
I nearly fall off the edge of the sled,
I grab the tank for balance.
The sap sloshes around as we bump over rocks and
glide around muddy corners
The sled slows,and I jump off.
I trudge through ankle-deep snow.
I will be soaked to the skin, but what can Ma say
She is the one who wanted me to get outside.
I did not want to come to the woods at first.
Now I think it is fun!
I take a bucket off the maple tree and carry it to the tank.
I pour the bucket into the tank without spilling any sap.
I am just tall enough. Then I hang the pail back on that tree and walk to the next tree.
When the tank is full, Prancer pulls us to the sugar shack.
We drain the sap into the pans.
It will be boiled and made into syrup.
Then we go back and collect sap until all the buckets have been emptied.
Finally, I go home for a cup of hot chocolate
Grade 3 Poetry CCSS: CCRA.R.4, RL.3.4