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Help Teaching December Newsletter
Activities for Computer Science Education Week;
Latest Blog Posts:
December 7-14 is Computer Science Education Week (US)
6 Activities to Promote Computer Science Education
6 Activities to Promote Computer Science Education Computer Science Education Week, held during the second week of December, is designed to make students and teachers more aware of computer science and the importance of building computing skills at early age. While enrolling all students in regular coding and other computer science classes may be the ideal solution, you can still take small steps towards encouraging students to take notice of computer science and how much fun it can be. Read More
How to Encourage Positive Social Media Use for Students
How to Encourage Positive Social Media Use for Students Social media is now a regular part of students' lives. They use it to communicate with friends, share photos and post updates on a regular basis. Instead of pushing students to put away their phones, teachers should use these tools in the learning process. Not only will this bring learning into real-life situations, but it's also an opportunity to encourage positive social media use-something students don't learn about enough. Read More »
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Educator's Calendar - Other Upcoming Events:
Dec. 7 - Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
Dec. 10 - Human Rights Day
Dec. 13-14 - Geminids Meteor Shower
Online SELF-PACED lessons - new content and features
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ELA - Reading: To/Two/Too, There/Their/They're, What is an Ode?, Homonyms, Homophones, and Homographs
Read-aloud: The Purse of Gold, The Story of Hanukkah, The Gingerbread Man, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas
UPDATE: Lesson Assignments
The functionality for assigning lessons to students is in the final days of testing! Check out lesson assignment on the site in the coming days and send us your feedback.
Key Features:
- Lessons can be assigned via email invitations, just like online tests
- Assigned lessons will load in a simple, distraction and ad free environment
- Time spent on a lesson by a student will be recorded
- A teacher can choose to display or remove assessments linked to a lesson

UPDATE: Help Teaching on YouTube
You can now find all our video lessons on Help Teaching YouTube channel. The video lessons on YouTube are free to access, but have ads.
Our Playlists: ELA: Reading, ELA: Grammar, Math, Earth Science, ESL
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New Activities and Assessments
Earth Science - Free
Middle School: Soil, Meteor Showers, Ocean Zones
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