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Earth's Four Spheres

Earth's Four Spheres

Planet Earth - SmallIntroduction: Can you name any of Earth's cycles? The Earth is a complex system. All of its parts interact and influence its other parts. Matter is continually flowing through the Earth system, powered by energy from the sun and Earth's interior. Think of the rock cycle, water cycle, carbon cycle, or nitrogen cycle. These are all examples of how matter and energy move through the Earth system. Their interactions are the foundations for the study of Earth Science. 

The Earth system can be broken down into four main parts. These parts are Earth's spheres. Earth's four sphere are: Geosphere, Biosphere, Atmosphere, and Hydrosphere.

The geosphere (or lithosphere) consists of all of the nonliving materials that make up the Earth's surface and interior. This includes minerals, rocks, landforms, and the earth's interior layers.

The biosphere consists of all of Earth's living organisms. This includes the tiniest microorganisms, as well as plants and animals. Humans are part of the biosphere.

The atmosphere is the layer of gases that surrounds Earth. This includes each layer of the atmosphere, the air we breathe, and is where weather occurs. 

The hydrosphere is all of Earth's water. This includes fresh water found in lakes, rivers, glaciers, underground, and as water vapor. It also includes salt water in the oceans and seas. 

Directions for This Lesson: In this lesson, you will learn about earth's four spheres. First, try the practice questions to determine what you already know. Then, watch the video lesson to learn more. Finally, apply what you learned in the activity and practice sections.


Required Video:

Apply what you learned in this investigation. 

Practice what you have learned by completing the post-lesson worksheet.