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Tenth Grade (Grade 10) Military Questions

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Grade 10 Military
Which of the maps listed below shows elevation by the use of contour lines and the horizontal position of terrain features and land formations?
  1. city or state road map
  2. geographic map
  3. topographic map
  4. tourist map
Grade 10 Military
The United States fought Japan, Germany and Italy during World War II.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 10 Military
Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream for America. What was his dream?
  1. Equality for all Americans
  2. Stop slavery
  3. Civil rights for all
  4. Both a and c
Grade 10 Military
A natural or man-made feature on the earth's surface is called               
  1. a landform
  2. terrain
  3. topography
Grade 10 Navy
Nuclear submarines, unlike diesel-powered submarines, do NOT need to                        .
  1. use energy
  2. be very quiet
  3. surface often to refuel
  4. have a crew of sailors
Grade 10 Army
The height or vertical distance of a point on the earth's surface above or below mean sea level is known as                
  1. altitude
  2. elevation
  3. relief
Grade 10 Army
If a feature on the earth's surface was not formed naturally, the it is considered to be                  
  1. artificially-made
  2. fabricated
  3. man-made
Grade 10 Military
What are the two major political parties in the U.S. today?
  1. Tea Party
  2. Democrat
  3. Independants
  4. Repbulican
  5. Both b and d
Grade 10 Military
The most common units of measurement on road maps are                                
  1. statute miles and nautical miles
  2. kilometers and nautical miles
  3. kilometers and meters
  4. kilometers and miles
Grade 10 Military
A map that shows relief and the position of natural and man-made features is a                
  1. pictomap
  2. terrain map
  3. topographic map
Grade 10 Military
A ruler used to measure distances on a map is a                
  1. bar scale
  2. contour scale
  3. grid scale
Grade 10 Army
The shape of land formations on the earth's surface is known as                
  1. relief
  2. terrain
  3. topography
Grade 10 Army
The date shown in the legend of the map is the                                                    
  1. effective date of the road and other data
  2. date the map was printed
  3. edition date
  4. effective date of the vertical and horizontal datum
Grade 10 Army
A region or tract of land or the topography of a tract of land is known as                  
  1. a land formation
  2. a natural feature
  3. terrain
Grade 10 Military
The uniform rhythm in which a movement is executed or the number of steps or counts per minute at which a movement is executed is called                
  1. Voice Control
  2. Distinctiveness
  3. Inflection
  4. Cadence
Grade 10 Military
Early in the Korean War many American soldiers became literally worn out and collapsed from the long marches. As a result, the US Army implemented a physical fitness training program in the mid 1950's.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 10 Military
In which element of the marginal information would you find a shorthand method of illustrating mapped features using symbols.
  1. sheet or map name
  2. bar scale
  3. printing note
  4. legend
Grade 10 Military
The only commands that use unit designations such as company or platoon are "attention" and "halt."
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 10 Army
       Fill       The raising of a low area, usually to form a level area for roads or railroad tracks is called a
Grade 10 Military
        Green        Which map color identifies vegetation on most road maps?
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