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Eighth Grade (Grade 8) Short Stories (Fiction) Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 8 Short Stories (Fiction) questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 8 The Monkey's Paw
How does the family know that the first wish caused the tragedy of their son?
  1. The paw whispered it to them
  2. They took a lucky guess
  3. Because the company offered them 200 pounds
  4. They are smart
Grade 8 Short Stories (Fiction)
Which words best describe Mrs. Jones in "Thank You Ma'am"?
  1. brave, but foolish
  2. mean and cruel
  3. tough, but good hearted
  4. wise and gentle
Grade 8 Short Stories (Fiction)
What was the most important thing Mrs. Jones did for Roger in "Thank You Ma'am"?
  1. She told him he should be ashamed of himself.
  2. She showed him that she cared about him.
  3. She kicked him out.
  4. She told him about her job.
Grade 8 Short Stories (Fiction)
In "Thank You Ma'am", why do you think Mrs. Jones left her door open when she returned home with Roger?
  1. She wanted to be able to yell for help in case Roger tried anything.
  2. She was giving Roger a choice between running and staying.
  3. Her room was small, and the open door made it seem less cramped.
  4. She was hoping other roomers would stop by and meet Roger,
Grade 8 The Monkey's Paw
How did the Sergeant get the paw?
  1. From a fakir
  2. From a nun
  3. From his mom
  4. He found it in the road
Grade 8 The Monkey's Paw
The father mentioned that it was a bog outside and the roads were a torrent. What did he mean?
  1. There was a tornado outside
  2. Monsters were everyehere
  3. It was ugly and flooded outside
  4. The neighbors were throwing a loud party
Grade 8 The Monkey's Paw
Grade 8 Short Stories (Fiction)
In "Thank You Ma'am", Roger made an important discovery about himself when he
  1. fell down instead of running with the purse
  2. saw the place where Mrs. Jones lived
  3. realized that he wanted Mrs. Jones to trust him
  4. decided to accept the money from Mrs. Jones
Grade 8 Short Stories (Fiction)
Which sentences best describe the theme of "Thank You Ma'am"?
  1. Knowing that someone believes in you makes it easier to believe in yourself
  2. Everyone knows what it's like ro want something he cannot have.
  3. You'll make many mistakes in life, but someone will always give you a second chance.
  4. It's easy to win someone's trust, but it's harder to keep it.
Grade 8 The Monkey's Paw
Grade 8 The Monkey's Paw
Grade 8 Short Stories (Fiction)
Which detail suggests that "Thank You Ma'am" took place several decades ago?
  1. The suede shoes that Roger wants cost ten dollars.
  2. Mrs. Jones lived in a home with other roomers.
  3. Roger was wearing blue jeans ans tennis shoes.
  4. Mrs. Jones worked in a hotel beauty shop.
Grade 8 The Monkey's Paw
Where was the visitor coming from?
  1. Spain
  2. Mexico
  3. India
  4. Louisiana
  5. Boosieville
Grade 8 Short Stories (Fiction)
In "Thank You Ma'am", why didn't Roger thank Mrs. Jones before she closed her door?
  1. He couldn't find the words to express what he felt.
  2. He knew she didn't think thanks were necessary.
  3. He was afraid she would be embarrassed if he thanked her.
  4. He resented the way he had treated her.
Grade 8 The Tell-Tale Heart
At the end of the play, the sound the main character hears could be any of the following EXCEPT:
  1. the old man's heart continuing to beat.
  2. his own heartbeat.
  3. his imagination.
  4. his guilty conscience.
Grade 8 The Monkey's Paw
Mr. White paid the Sergeant a trifle for the paw. What does the word trifle mean?
  1. A large sum
  2. A small amount
  3. 1 million dollars
  4. 2 million dollars
Grade 8 The Black Cat
What happens to the narrator?
  1. He ends up having a nervous breakdown.
  2. He dies of heart failure.
  3. He ends up in prison.
Grade 8 The Monkey's Paw
What bad event happened as a result of the first wish?
  1. The dad died.
  2. The son died.
  3. The family got into a bad car accident.
  4. The mom became ill.
Grade 8 The Black Cat
Where was the missing cat found?
  1. in a cellar closet
  2. hiding under the porch
  3. behind the cellar wall
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