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The Skin I'm In - Young Adult Literature - Questions for Tests and Worksheets - Seventh Grade (Grade 7)

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Grade 7 The Skin I'm In
Why is it that Maleeka won't stop doing Char's homework when Char is mean to her?
  1. Maleeka is too afraid of Char
  2. Char pays her to keep doing her homework
  3. Maleeka likes the extra homework practice
  4. Caleb tells Maleeka to keep doing the homework
Grade 7 The Skin I'm In
Who hangs around Char?
  1. Raina
  2. Maleeka
  3. Raise
  4. all of the above
Grade 7 The Skin I'm In
What is significant about the name Akeelma?
  1. It's Maleeka's best friend's name
  2. It's Maleeka's mother's name
  3. It's almost Maleeka spelled backward
  4. It's Maleeka's twin sister's name
Grade 7 The Skin I'm In
Grade 7 The Skin I'm In
Why didn't Maleeka's mom help her out of the situation with the school and Ms. Saunders?
  1. Her mom didn't know about the situation
  2. She wanted to teach Maleeka a lesson
  3. Her mom did not care about the situation
  4. She did help Maleeka get out of trouble
Grade 7 The Skin I'm In
Who takes care of Char?
  1. her parents
  2. her grandmother
  3. her aunt
  4. her sister
Grade 7 The Skin I'm In
Which of the following things did not happen when the girls broke into Ms. Saunder's classroom?
  1. 'they stole her watch
  2. they tore up her pillows
  3. they light some money on fire
  4. they stole her car keys
Grade 7 The Skin I'm In
Which answer names two of Dave's brothers?
  1. Kevin and Stan
  2. Sherman and William
  3. Wilbur and Kevin
  4. Stan and Daren
Grade 7 The Skin I'm In
What was the gas chamber treatment made from?
  1. Clorox and detergent
  2. Acid and Clorox
  3. Clorox and Ammonia
  4. Ammonia and water
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