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Kindergarten Short Stories Worksheets - Original Stories and Public Texts

Our collection of informational stories and other non-fiction texts combine high-interest reading passages with questions designed to build reading comprehension skills. Passage topics cover a range of subjects including animals, how-to, occupations, science, and sports. Questions cover a range of skills, including identifying main idea, determining the author's purpose, summarizing, making inferences, identifying cause/effect, analyzing text features, using context clues, and finding support in a passage. The high-interest passages will help get kids excited about reading, while the questions accompanying each passage will help kids improve their reading comprehension skills.

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Passage Name Grade Lexile Word Count Skill/Strategy Text Type
Going to the Park K 170L 39 Comprehension Original, Fiction
At the Beach K 230L 39 Comprehension Original, Fiction
Going to the Library K 290L 34 Comprehension Original, Fiction
The Merry-Go-Round K 310L 276 Science Original, Fiction
Rain, Rain Go Away K 320L 177 Science Original, Fiction
The Swings K 340L 164 Science Original, Fiction
Push and Pull K 360L 169 Science Original, Fiction
The Race K 400L 251 Science Original, Fiction
At the Pool K 420L 46 Comprehension Original, Fiction
The Bumper Cars K 420L 294 Science Original, Fiction
I Can't Live Here K 480L 273 Science Original, Fiction
A Place for My Acorn K 490L 329 Science Original, Fiction
A Sunny Day at the Beach K 500L 343 Science Original, Fiction
What's for Dinner? K 500L 213 Science Original, Fiction
The Little Flower K 520L 173 Science Original, Fiction
The Tornado K 530L 295 Science Original, Fiction
The Sandy Beach K 550L 339 Science Original, Fiction
The Trash Patrol K 640L 274 Science Original, Fiction
Drawing K N/A 22 Comprehension Original, Fiction
In the Summer K N/A 26 Comprehension Original, Fiction
The Hungry Mouse K N/A 23 Comprehension Original, Fiction