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Grade 9 Environmental Science
The mission of the Environmental Protection Agency is:
  1. to protect the environment
  2. to protect human health
  3. all of the above
  4. none of the above
Grade 8 Medical Terms
This agency helps victims of disaster
  1. Federal Emergency Management Association
  2. National Institute of Health
  3. American Red Cross
  4. American Heart Association
Continuing Education Business
Why are administrative Agencies created?
  1. They give their responsabilities to congrees.
  2. The president needed help to decide various issues.
  3. They have specialized personnel, time and resources
Grade 11 Personal Finance
Grade 12 Agriculture
What agency in the U.S. is the lead agency in wetlands regulation and protection?
  1. U.S. Parks and Wildlife Department
  2. Wetland Protection Agency
  3. U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service
  4. Department of Renewable Resources
Grade 10 Public Health
None Finance
which is not a major credit reporting agency?
  1. United
  2. Equifax
  3. Experian
  4. TransUnion
Grade 6 Economics
What determines the prices of goods in a market economy?
  1. customs and traditions
  2. government agencies
  3. supply and demand
  4. customers
Grade 9 Emergency Medical Services
None Medical Practices
College Public Safety
The agency that assigns and licenses radio frequencies is the
  1. Federal Communications Commission
  2. Department of Environmental Quality
  3. U.S. Department of Transportation
  4. State EMS Office
Grade 9 Environmental Science
EPA stands for
  1. Environmental Protection Agency
  2. Environmental Pact Agency
  3. Environmental Pact Agent
  4. Environmental Protection Agent
College Drugs and Alcohol
36.the acronym DEA means
  1. drug and ethics administration
  2. drug enforcement agency
  3. drug evaluation agency
  4. drug ethical administration
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