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None Drugs and Alcohol
Alcohol is a                
  1. Depressant
  2. Stimulant
  3. Hallucinogen
Grade 11 Drugs and Alcohol
What are the CAGE and T-ACE questionnaires used for?
  1. To determine your B.A.C
  2. To determine if you may have an alcohol problem
  3. To determine whether or not you can drive
  4. All of the above
Grade 3 Prefixes and Suffixes
Form the word.

alcohol + ic
  1. alcohic
  2. alcoholic
  3. alcohollic
Grade 9 Drugs and Alcohol
A severe and potentially fatal physical reaction to an alcohol overdose is called:
  1. binge drinking
  2. alcohol poisoning
  3. alcoholism
  4. alcohol abuse
Grade 11 Drugs and Alcohol
What is the name of the enzyme which metabolizes alcohol?
  1. alcohol amylase
  2. alcohol destructionase
  3. alcohol diminutivase
  4. alcohol dehydrogenase
Grade 8 Drugs and Alcohol
The definition of alcoholism?
  1. person who drinks alcohol once a day
  2. a disease where someone drinks poison
  3. a disease which a person has a physical and psychological need for alcohol
  4. person who does not drink
Grade 8 Drugs and Alcohol
Grade 12 Connotations and Denotations
  1. scrupulos : care
  2. gluttonous : food
  3. ferocious : tiger
  4. gregarious : words
Grade 9 Drugs and Alcohol
Grade 9 Biochemical Pathways
What are the two kinds of fermentation that can occur?
  1. alcohol and glucose
  2. lactic acid and alcohol
  3. alcoholic acid and yeast
  4. photosynthesis and respiration
Grade 9 Drugs and Alcohol
5 or more drinks in a sitting is known as:
  1. alcoholism
  2. alcohol abuse
  3. binge drinking
  4. physical effect
Grade 9 Drugs and Alcohol
                        is the excessive use of alcohol.
  1. alcoholism
  2. physiological dependence
  3. psychological dependence
  4. alcohol abuse
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