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Grade 9 Drugs and Alcohol
To overdose on drugs is to take:
  1. a small amount
  2. an average amount
  3. an excessive amount
  4. none of the above
Continuing Education Diet and Nutrition
In regards to portion size, what does a clenched hand represent on a plate?
  1. Amount of protein to take in
  2. Amount of carbohydrates to take in
  3. Amount of healthy fats to take in
  4. Amount of water to take in
Grade 12 Environmental Science
What determines the number after the E in the abbreviation of ethanol?
  1. The amount of people who use it.
  2. The amount of corn in the fuel.
  3. The amount of gasoline in the fuel.
Grade 12 Economics
Supply is defined as
  1. the amount of money available
  2. the amount of product available
  3. the amount of product on the shelf
  4. the amount of money given
  5. both b and c
Grade 7 Atmosphere
Which of the following statements best describes humidity?
  1. It is the amount of heat in the atmosphere.
  2. It describes the amount of sunlight in the atmosphere.
  3. It is the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere.
College Quantum Physics and the Atom
Which of the following represents stability in bonds on a plot of potential energy vs. distance?
  1. The highest amount of energy
  2. The greatest amount of repulsion
  3. The lowest amount of energy
  4. Both (b) and (c)
Grade 3 Properties of Matter
Grade 2 Idiom
Grade 6 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
Grade 10 Vocabulary
Grade 1 Defining Words CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.1.4
an amount
  1. part
  2. first
  3. than
  4. number
Grade 10 Oceanography and Hydrology
What is salinity?
  1. the amount of dissolved salts in water
  2. the amount of dissolved gases in seawater
  3. the coolness of the water
  4. the amount of water in the ocean
Grade 11 Skin, Skeleton, and Muscles
The difference in skin color is due to the
  1. amount of sun.
  2. location of where a person lives.
  3. amount of melanin present in skin.
  4. amount of calcium present in skin.
Grade 9 Communities, Populations, and Ecosystems
What is biomass?
  1. total amount of living tissue without water
  2. total amount of living tissue with water
  3. total amount of water in living tissue
  4. total amount of life on earth
Grade 9 Defining Words
What does the word "profusely" mean?
  1. A lot in a small amount of time
  2. A little in a large amount of time
  3. A lot in a large amount of time
  4. A ton of pickles
Grade 10 Forces and Motion
What is the definition of mass as it relates to matter?
  1. Mass is the amount of matter in an object.
  2. Matter is the amount of mass in an object.
  3. Mass is the amount of volume of an object.
  4. Mass and matter are not related.
Grade 11 Drugs and Alcohol
What exactly does the breathalyzer measure?
  1. Amount of alcohol in your breath.
  2. Amount of alcohol flowing through your body.
  3. Amount of alcohol you have consumed.
  4. Amount of alcohol your liver has broken down.
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