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Grade 10 Visual Arts
What else are self-taught artist called?
  1. folk artists
  2. impulse artists
None Visual Arts
What else are self-taught artists called?
  1. imaginative artists
  2. skilled artists
  3. folk artists
  4. impulse artists
Grade 10 Theater
Effective blocking is
  1. meaningful.
  2. functional.
  3. artistic.
  4. all of these.
Grade 6 People and Places
What is a person who draws pictures called?
  1. an artist
  2. a drawer
  3. an animator
  4. a scientist
Grade 3 Children's Literature
What job did Alice's grandfather have?
  1. artist
  2. sailor
  3. doctor
  4. plumber
Grade 12 Supporting Details CCSS: CCRA.R.3, RI.11-12.3

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Who controls what's seen as popular and good?
  1. The masses
  2. The individual
  3. The wealthy
  4. The artists
Grade 6 Writing
A person who coordinates and directs
  1. creator
  2. director
  3. librarian
  4. artist
Grade 6 Defining Words
A person who produces works in any of the arts
  1. artist
  2. specialist
  3. creator
  4. decorator
Grade 6 Art and Music Words
Choose the correct spelling
  1. artistic
  2. aristic
  3. artictis
Grade 4 Defining Words
To cut into something
  1. artists
  2. melt
  3. carve
  4. shape
Grade 6 Defining Words
A person who decorates, an interior designer
  1. inventor
  2. artist
  3. decorator
  4. creator
Grade 2 Social Studies
A person who designs buildings is an
  1. artist
  2. architect
  3. construction worker
Grade 5 Art and Music Words
Grade 6 Defining Words
Grade 5 Defining Words
Grade 4 Defining Words
Something changing from solid to liquid
  1. tools
  2. melting
  3. carving
  4. artists
Grade 4 Defining Words
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