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Grade 6 Roman Empire

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This part of the Roman government consisted of 330 men?
  1. Assembly of Tribes
  2. Senate
  3. Assembly of Centuries
None Navy
What streamlines airflow around center of propeller and incorporates anti-icing and de-icing features?
  1. Blade Assembly
  2. Pitchlock Regulator
  3. Spinner Assembly
  4. Dome Assembly
Grade 6 French Revolution
This was a 5 man, two-house legislature that held absolute power for four years in France.
  1. Consulate
  2. National Assembly
  3. Legislative Assembly
  4. Directory
Grade 4 Social Studies
Grade 7 Visual Arts
               forms a mirror image of a composition
  1. Assembling
  2. Asymmetrical
  3. Symmetrical
  4. Additive
Grade 5 US Laws and Amendments
What freedom is not guaranteed by the 1st Amendment?
  1. Speech
  2. Privacy
  3. Religion
  4. Assembly
None Navy
What are 2 major sections of the propeller control?
  1. Valve Housing Assembly and Pitchlock Regulator Assembly
  2. Pump Housing Assembly and Blade Angle Valve
  3. Valve Housing Assembly and Pump Housing Assembly
  4. Rotating House Assembly and Pitchlock Regulator Assembl
Grade 8 US Laws and Amendments
Grade 7 Greece
Grade 7 Visual Arts
Maintains balance within a composition without mirroring an image
  1. Assembling
  2. Asymmetrical
  3. Symmetrical
  4. Additive
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