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Grade 9 Culinary Skills

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Grade 1 Musical Notation
How long is a quarter note held for?
  1. 2 beats
  2. 3 beats
  3. 5 beats
  4. 1 beat
Grade 1 Musical Notation
How many beats are in a whole note?
  1. 20 beats
  2. 4 beats
  3. 2 beats
  4. 1 beat
Grade 7 Spelling
Grade 3 Musical Notation
What does a quarter rest mean?
  1. Be quiet for 1 beat
  2. Play for 3 beats
  3. Be quiet for 2 beats
  4. Play for 4 beats
None Culinary Skills
  1. To make a mixture smooth, or to add air by using a brisk whipping or stirring motion with a utensil or electric mixer
  2. To add new ingredients to a fluffy mixture by cutting down through the mixture with a utensil; going across the bottom of the bowl; then up and over, close to the surface
  3. To combine ingredients, usually by stirring
Grade 3 Musical Terms
The beat is:
  1. a unit of time
  2. a dance move
  3. how loud or soft to play
None Circulatory and Immune Systems
Which of the following best describes a pulse rate with bradycardia?
  1. 120 beats per min
  2. 40 beats per min
  3. 72 beats per min
  4. 90 beats per min
Grade 6 Defining Words
to thoroughly beat:
  1. perplex
  2. reverence
  3. trounce
  4. valor
Grade 5 Defining Words
Thrashing or beating
  1. lashing
  2. orchard
  3. wealthy
  4. sprawled
Grade 5 Homonyms
A homonym for "beat" is
  1. beaute
  2. beaten
  3. beet
  4. beetle
Grade 12 Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatments
Normal resting heart rate range
  1. 100-120 beats per minute
  2. 100-120 beats per second
  3. 60-100 beats per minutes
  4. 60-100 beats per second
Continuing Education Emergency Medical Services
Pulse rate is the number of time a heart beats in 1 minute. A normal adult pulse rate is:
  1. 40-50 beats per min
  2. 60-100 beats per min
  3. 75-110 beats per min
  4. over a 100 beats per min
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