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Grade 4 Spelling
Choose the spelling word that is correctly spelled.
  1. becomeing
  2. bekoming
  3. becoming
  4. becomming
Grade 4 Sight Words
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. become
  2. becom
  3. becum
Grade 6 Kinetics and Equilibrium
What will happen if you heat a liquid to high temperatures?
  1. It will become a colloid
  2. It will become a gas
  3. It will become a solid
Grade 10 Botany
What happens to the cells in a leaf that wilts?
  1. they become turgid
  2. they become flaccid
  3. they become plasmolysed
Grade 7 Chemistry
What happens to a phenolphthalein solution containing NaOH over time we exhale air into the solution?
  1. It remains the same
  2. It turns pink
  3. It becomes milky
  4. It becomes odorless
  5. It becomes colorless
Continuing Education Finance
If a claim is not covered by SIPC in b/d bankruptcy, then the client
  1. becomes a preferred creditor
  2. becomes a general creditor
  3. becomes a secured creditor
Grade 3 Atmosphere
What happens to water vapor as it moves upward in the air?
  1. it becomes hot
  2. it evaporates
  3. it forms clouds
  4. it becomes a solid
Grade 3 Magnetism and Electricity
Grade 9 Waves and Sound
When a sound source approaches an observer the
  1. pitch become lower
  2. pitch becomes higher
  3. light becomes bluer
  4. light becomes redder
Grade 6 Tenses
Grade 6 Defining Words
to become dull:
  1. prank
  2. pursue
  3. reassure
  4. tarnish
Grade 1 Defining Words CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.1.4
become different
  1. act
  2. change
  3. choose
  4. vote
Grade 5 Defining Words
to become less
  1. curdle
  2. abate
  3. level
  4. amass
Grade 6 Defining Words
to become nervous:
  1. fluster
  2. frayed
  3. fundamental
  4. glade
Grade 9 Stars
When a light source approaches an observer its                     
  1. pitch becomes lower
  2. pitch becomes higher
  3. light becomes bluer
  4. light becomes redder
Grade 8 Context Clues CCSS: CCRA.R.4, RI.8.4

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