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Grade 1 Counting and Comparing Numbers
What does greatest mean?
  1. smallest
  2. biggest
  3. equal
Grade 3 Prefixes and Suffixes
Which word means most big?
  1. Misbig
  2. Biggest
  3. Bigful
  4. Macrobig
Continuing Education Surveying and Plot Plans
Grade 1 Children's Literature
Grade 1 Adjectives
Which is biggest?
  1. a car
  2. a bike
  3. a truck
Grade 2 Zoology
Grade 2 Suffixes CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.2.4, L.2.4b
Grade 6 Zoology
Grade 1 Adjectives
Which is the biggest?
  1. a cow
  2. a rooster
  3. a hamster
Grade 3 Adjectives
Which of the following is a superlative adjective?
  1. biggest
  2. ugliest
  3. smallest
  4. all of the above
Continuing Education Gypsum and Wallboard
Grade 2 Fact and Opinion
Texas is the biggest state.
  1. fact
  2. opinion
  3. both
Grade 2 Bodies of Water and Continents
Grade 6 The Egypt Game
What is the biggest concern for the characters?
  1. Missing too many days of school
  2. An unknown serial killer
  3. Whether or not April's mother will let them continue the Egypt Game
  4. A mean dog
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