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None Hand Tools
Identify the tool in the image.
Carpentry Tools - Block Plane
  1. Hand plane
  2. Block plane
  3. Jack plane
  4. Jointer plane
Grade 12 Periodic Table and Elements
Actinides belong to the following type of elements
  1. s-block elements
  2. d-block elements
  3. f-block elements
  4. p-block elements
None Hand Tools
Identify the tool in the image.
Carpentry Tools - Block Plane - Wood
  1. Wood plane
  2. Wood block plane
  3. Block plane
  4. 2 hand plane
Grade 4 Spelling CCSS: L.4.2d
Grade 4 Spelling
Which is the correct spelling?
  1. block
  2. blocke
  3. blok
None Volleyball
What's a block?
  1. A set delivered behind the setter's back, which is subsequently hit by an attacker
  2. Also "hitter" or "spiker." A player who attempts to hit a ball offensively with the purpose of terminating play in his or her team's favor
  3. When a back row player attacks the ball by jumping from behind the 3m line before hitting the ball. If the back row player steps on or past the 3m line during take-off, the attack is illegal
  4. A defensive play by one or more players meant to deflect a spiked ball back to the hitter's court. It may be a combination of one, two or three players jumping in front of the opposing spiker and contacting the spiked ball with the hands
Grade 11 Theater
What is blocking?
  1. A section of the script spoken by one person.
  2. A direction to the director or actor written into the script.
  3. Planned movement.
  4. The story and its action.
Grade 10 Theater
Effective blocking is
  1. meaningful.
  2. functional.
  3. artistic.
  4. all of these.
Grade 6 Defining Words
blocking light:
  1. flourish
  2. opaque
  3. ransack
  4. texture
Grade 5 Defining Words CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.5.4
something composed of two or more elements
  1. block
  2. compound
  3. mall
  4. property
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