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Grade 4 Spelling
Choose the spelling word that is spelled correctly.
  1. breatheing
  2. braething
  3. breething
  4. breathing
Grade 5 Frequently Misspelled Words
Grade 5 Frequently Misspelled Words
Choose the word that is spelled correctly.
  1. breath
  2. breeth
  3. breathe
  4. braeth
Grade 2 Prefixes
to breathe in
  1. imhale
  2. inhale
Continuing Education Navy
When rendering frist aid to a victim, you should check the person for breathing, shock and hemorrhage, in what order?
  1. Hemorrhage, breathing, shock
  2. Breathing, hemorrhage, shock
  3. Shock, breathing, hemorrahage
  4. Hemorrahage, shock, breathing
Grade 6 Respiration, Digestion, and Excretion
Grade 9 Emergency Medical Services
What does ABC & D stand for in regards to resuscitation?
  1. Airway, Breathing, Control, Death
  2. Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Defibrillation
  3. Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Disease
  4. Airway, Breathing, Conduct, Depletion
College Speech and Voice Disorders
What does Egressive air flow and constant air pressure control?
  1. Inspiration
  2. Expiration
  3. Tidal Breathing
  4. Speech breathing
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