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Grade 6 Story Elements
“I don’t intend to take one more step toward anything to do with a Mr. Jaggery. Not for double gold. Not one more step.” According to this passage, what does the author foreshadow?
  1. Captain Jaggery is misunderstood.
  2. Captain Jaggery is evil.
  3. Captain Jaggery is an excellent captain.
  4. Captain Jaggery is friendly.
Grade 6 People and Places
Grade 8 The Five People You Meet In Heaven
The blue man was killed by:
  1. Ruby
  2. Eddie
  3. Marguerite
  4. The captain
Grade 3 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
Grade 10 Identifying Genre

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The poem "O Captain! My Captain!" is written in the form of
  1. a sonnet
  2. a narrative
  3. an elegy
  4. an anapest
Grade 6 Legend by Marie Lu
What is Metias's military rank?
  1. General
  2. Captain
  3. Lieutenant
  4. Sargent
Grade 2 People and Places
College Evolution
Who was the captain of the HMS Beagle?
  1. Austin
  2. Fitzroy
  3. Phillips
  4. Hutton
  5. None of the Above
Grade 8 French Revolution
Grade 11 Industrialization
What is a captain of industry?
  1. wealthy businessman
  2. Captain Crunch
  3. head of an industry
  4. A and C
Grade 3 Mr. Popper's Penguins
Grade 2 Treasure Island
Who is looking for the captain?
  1. Dr. Livesey
  2. Father
  3. The one-legged man
  4. The two-legged man
Grade 5 Formation of the USA
Grade 9 World History
The first Governor of N.S.W was....
  1. Captain Cook
  2. Able Tasman
  3. Captain Phillip
  4. William Bligh
Grade 2 Treasure Island
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