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Grade 6 Atmosphere

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Which is the opposite of a polar climate?
  1. desert climate
  2. highland climate
  3. temperate climate
  4. tropical climate
Grade 6 Atmosphere
Which tends to have more extreme seasons?
  1. Marine Climate
  2. Continental Climate
Grade 5 STEM Words
Choose the correctly spelled word.
  1. clymate
  2. climat
  3. climatte
  4. climate
None Vocabulary
  1. expert in a field
  2. in shape physically and mentally
  3. weather that a place has over a long period of time
  4. tale set in imaginary world with imaginary characters
Grade 6 Oceanography and Hydrology
Carries cold waters away from the poles and warm waters away from the equator.
  1. Weather
  2. Climate
  3. Climate Region
  4. Micro Climate
  5. Ocean Currents
Grade 6 Geomorphology
In which climate would you find the fastest rate of chemical weathering?
  1. a warm, humid climate
  2. a cold, humid climate
  3. a cold, dry climate
  4. a warm, dry climate
Grade 9 Atmosphere
The terms tropical, dry, mid-latitude, high latitude, and highlands identify
  1. vegetation.
  2. doldrums.
  3. climatic changes.
  4. climate regions.
Grade 4 Biomes
Where are grasslands found?
  1. deserts
  2. polar climates
  3. temperate and tropical climates
College Environmental Science
Earth's climate
  1. has been stable over the history of the planet
  2. is changing as a result of natural and human processes
  3. will stabilize over the next century, according to the predictions of most scientists
  4. has changed only once due to the evolution of green photosynthesizing plants
  5. history is undeterminable because there is no method of studying climatic history of the planet
Grade 6 Atmosphere

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Grade 9 Atmosphere
Elevation and climate
  1. are very closely related.
  2. have little effect on each other.
  3. are two terms for the same condition.
  4. are almost impossible to measure accurately.
Grade 6 Atmosphere
The daily conditions of temperature, precipitation, wind, and clouds in an area.
  1. Weather
  2. Climate
  3. Climate Region
  4. Microclimate
  5. Ocean Currents
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