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Grade 12 US Government
Identify the organization raises and contributes money to the campaign of political candidates.
  1. Economic Action Committee
  2. Social Action Committee
  3. For Profit Committee
  4. Political Action Committee
Grade 11 US Government
Who is known as the "traffic officers"?
  1. The House Agriculture Committee
  2. The House Rules Committee
  3. The House Police Committee
  4. The House Defense Committee
Grade 5 Legislative Branch
Bills about taxation originate in what committee?
  1. Senate Finance Committee
  2. House Ways and Means Committee
  3. Senate Appropriations Committee
  4. House Oversight and Reform Committee
Grade 8 Colonial Period
Committees of Correspondence
  1. This act stated that Parliament had the power to make laws for the colonies in all cases whatsoever
  2. They got in touch with people in other colonies to share ideas and information about new British laws
  3. This act allowed the British East India Company to sell tea directly to the colonists
  4. This act set duties on molasses and sugar imported by colonists
Grade 10 Modern Era
Which organization had its headquarters at the Watergate complex?
  1. George McGovern for President
  2. Republican National Committee
  3. Democratic National Committee
  4. Committee for the Re-Election of the President
Grade 5 Defining Words
Grade 10 French Revolution
Grade 11 French Revolution
What is the name of the group that ruled France during the Reign of Terror?
  1. Committee of General Security
  2. Committee of Public Safety
  3. The sans-culottes
  4. The Girondins
Grade 12 World Events
What is the name of the governing body in Houthi-controlled areas?
  1. Council of 500
  2. Revolutionary Commune
  3. Committee of Public Safety
  4. Supreme Revolutionary Committee
Grade 12 World War II

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The "America First Committee" believes that
  1. America should remain neutral in WWII.
  2. America should fight the axis powers.
  3. began in WWI
  4. joining the war is a bad idea.
  5. Both A & D.
  6. All of the above.
Grade 11 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
The committee held an                teacher evaluation.
  1. impromptu
  2. incredulity
  3. convalescent
  4. susceptible
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