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Grade 6 Modern Era
Mark 3 things that are true about a Communist government.
  1. The government owns almost all of the land, businesses & industries.
  2. The government controls where the people live & work.
  3. The government chooses who people will marry.
  4. The government allows a lot of freedom in speech & religion.
  5. The government gives out goods according to need instead of how hard a person works.
Grade 10 Asian History
Which country was ruled by Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge?
  1. Afghanistan
  2. Kazakhastan
  3. Cambodia
  4. Bangladesh
Grade 9 Modern Era
Glasnost is
  1. the Russian word for Soviet policy of openness
  2. the Russian word for increased tension between countries
  3. the Russian word for revolution
  4. the Russian word for peace
Grade 11 The Crucible
The author of The Crucible, Arthur Miller, wrote the play to draw parallels between the Salem Witch trials and what other historical event?
  1. The Watergate scandal
  2. The Whitewater scandal
  3. Senator McCarthy's hunt for communists
  4. The stock market crash of 1929
Grade 6 Russian Revolution
Communism was based on the teachings of                
  1. Adolf Hitler.
  2. John Locke.
  3. Vladimir Lenin.
  4. Karl Marx.
Grade 6 Economics
Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism are:
  1. social systems.
  2. cultural systems.
  3. political systems.
  4. economic systems.
Grade 9 Modern Era
Trying to keep communism within its border is known as
  1. "Anti-Communism"
  2. "Communism withdraw"
  3. "Policy of Containment"
  4. "Surronding Communism Plan"
Grade 9 Cold War
The U.S. policy to contain Communism was called
  1. Marshall Plan
  2. Truman Doctrine
  3. Berlin Airlift
  4. Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
Grade 5 Russian Revolution
Grade 9 Absolutism
A monarchy is a good example of                .
  1. Oligarchy
  2. Autocracy
  3. Socialism
  4. Communism
Grade 10 Sculpture
College Rhetoric and Propaganda
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