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Grade 4 Spelling
Choose the spelling word that is correctly spelled.
  1. compar
  2. compere
  3. compare
  4. commpare
Grade 3 Adjectives CCSS: CCRA.L.1, L.3.1, L.3.1g
Grade 3 Adjectives CCSS: CCRA.L.1, L.3.1, L.3.1g
Grade 9 Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions
Grade 2 Lab Practices and Tools
Grade 8 Defining Words
College Health and Medicine
What would I use to cross check pure tone thresholds?
  1. PTA compared to SDT
  2. SDT compared to SRT
  3. SAT compared to SAT
  4. SRT compared to PTA
Grade 4 Compare and Contrast
Grade 7 Defining Words
to consider thoroughly; think fully or deeply about
  1. dual
  2. comparable
  3. contemplate
  4. authentic
Grade 4 Defining Words
Grade 6 Defining Words
to describe the similarities
  1. complain
  2. commercial
  3. compare
  4. contrast
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