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College Skin, Skeleton, and Muscles
What is a myofibril?
  1. A skeletal muscle cell
  2. Composed of filaments
  3. Composed of proteins
  4. Both a skeletal muscle cell and composed of filaments
  5. Both composed of filaments and composed of proteins
Grade 11 Skin, Skeleton, and Muscles
A myofibril is
  1. a skeletal muscle cell.
  2. composed of filaments.
  3. composed of proteins.
  4. both a skeletal muscle cell and composed of filaments.
  5. composed of both filaments and proteins.
Grade 2 Defining Words
a person in charge
  1. authority
  2. composer
  3. habitat
Grade 2 Performance and Listening
Grade 3 Performance and Listening
Grade 7 Atmosphere
Which of the following statements best describes the composition of air?
  1. Air is composed only of oxygen.
  2. Air is composed only of carbon dioxide.
  3. Air is a mixture of different gases.
  4. Air is composed only of nitrogen.
Grade 6 Algebraic Expressions
A symbol or a letter that stands for a number.
  1. compose
  2. variable
  3. number
  4. digit
Grade 6 European History
Grade 5 Spelling
Tyler likes to                 music.
  1. cumpose
  2. compose
  3. commpose
  4. composse
Grade 9 Twentieth Century and Modern - 1900-2000
Jazz and Blues come from
  1. European composers
  2. Serious composers who are members of ASCAP
  3. Spirituals
  4. White band leaders
Grade 2 Performance and Listening
Grade 8 Musical Terms
Grade 2 Musical Terms
A person who writes music is called a:
  1. writer
  2. decomposer
  3. poet
  4. composer
College Nervous and Endocrine Systems
The neuron is composed of the                            .
  1. cell body, axon, ganglia
  2. axon, synapse, ganglia
  3. synapse, ganglia, dendrites
  4. cell body, axon, dendrites
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