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None Vocabulary
  1. plants, such as corn, wheat and soybeans
  2. group of people related to each other
  3. harmful materials, chemicals and dirt
  4. group of birds
Grade 5 Conservation and Biodiversity
Biodiversity can be maintained by protecting
  1. crops
  2. habitats
  3. crops
  4. factories
Grade 7 Colonial Period
What is the term for crops that are always needed?
  1. plantation crops
  2. headright
  3. staple crops
  4. cash crops
Grade 3 Geography
Why do farmers use irrigation?
  1. to harvest crops
  2. to water crops
  3. to keep crops from freezing
  4. to plant crops
Grade 8 PC Basics
Continuing Education Business Technology
Crop Tool
  1. L
  2. W
  3. C
  4. M
Continuing Education Business Technology
Grade 8 Technology
Grade 2 Defining Words
What does cultivate mean?
  1. to grow plants or crops
  2. to eat plants or crops
  3. to throw away plants or crops
Grade 4 Agriculture
Which way of planting can reduce water erosion on a steep hillside?
  1. strip cropping
  2. terracing
  3. contour plowing
  4. crop rotation
Grade 8 Great Depression
The Agricultural Adjustment Act asked farmers
  1. To increase crop production
  2. To destroy crops
  3. To sell crops at half the cost
  4. To bring all crops to a federal market
Grade 3 Defining Words
Grade 4 Civil War
Grade 2 Social Studies Words
Grade 6 Ancient History
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