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Grade 8 Culture
Culture is
  1. people around you.
  2. sum of your surroundings.
  3. how well your body functions.
  4. the collective beliefs, customs, and behaviors of a group.
Grade 10 Vocabulary
Culture is...
  1. what the doctor takes when you go in for a sore throat
  2. where a person comes from
  3. customs and traditions of a specific group of people
  4. how you choose to live your life
Grade 8 Spelling
Which word is spelled correctly?
  1. culture
  2. cultur
  3. cultour
  4. colture
Grade 7 Geography
A record of the past.
  1. culture
  2. history
  3. artifact
  4. dominant culture
Grade 10 Defining Words
Grade 9 Geography
The process in which a new idea or product spreads from one culture to another is called
  1. cultural diffusion
  2. cultural infusion
  3. cultural confusion
  4. cultural osmosis
Grade 9 Renaissance and Reformation
Humanism was inspired by interest in
  1. Greek Culture
  2. Mesopotamian culture
  3. Chinese culture
  4. African Culture
Grade 6 Ancient History
What is a custom or organization with social, educational, or religious purposes?
  1. civilization
  2. culture
  3. institution
  4. cultural landscape
Grade 10 Culture

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Spread of beliefs and social activities from one group to another
  1. Cultural-Differentials
  2. Cultural-Diffusion
  3. Cultural-Division
  4. Cultural-Difference
Grade 7 Geography
The study of people, places, and the environment.
  1. geography
  2. culture
  3. region
  4. dominant culture
Grade 9 Connotations and Denotations
Grade 6 Culture
What is the way of life of a people, including their beliefs and practices?
  1. institution
  2. cultural landscape
  3. culture
  4. civilization
Grade 6 Culture
Grade 7 Culture
Grade 6 Ancient History
What is an advanced culture with cities and a system of writing?
  1. cultural landscape
  2. civilization
  3. culture
  4. institution
Grade 10 Defining Words
the way someone thinks about the world
  1. culture
  2. cultural context
  3. worldview
  4. tone
Grade 7 Culture
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