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Grade 12 Executive Branch
This department was established in 1870.
  1. The Department of Treasury
  2. The Department of Justice
  3. The Department of Homeland Security
  4. The Department of Defense
Grade 2 Adverbs CCSS: CCRA.L.1, L.2.1e
The ship departed...
  1. immediately
  2. madly
  3. winsomely
  4. best
Grade 5 Prefixes and Suffixes
Grade 8 Root Words
What does the Latin word "ab" mean?
  1. muscle
  2. departing from
  3. feeling
Grade 5 Executive Branch
Which of the following is part of the President's Cabinet?
  1. Department of Science
  2. Department of Archaeology
  3. Campbell's Bean 'n Bacon Soup
  4. Department of Justice
  5. Department of Food Administration
Grade 5 Prefixes and Suffixes
Grade 7 Spelling
Indicate the correct answer.
  1. depart
  2. deepart
  3. depeart
  4. deppart
Grade 5 Prefixes and Suffixes
Continuing Education Synonyms
Grade 2 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
Grade 5 Prefixes and Suffixes
Grade 2 Children's Literature
Where does Corduroy live at the beginning of the story?
  1. A hospital
  2. A library
  3. A department store
None Business
The acronym DOL stands for what?
  1. Department of Land
  2. Devision of Land
  3. Department of Labor
  4. Devision of Labor
Grade 12 Executive Branch
The oldest and the most prestigious department.
  1. State
  2. Veterans affairs
  3. Energy
  4. Education
Grade 12 Executive Branch
This department collects taxes.
  1. Commerce
  2. State
  3. Treasury
  4. Transportation
Grade 7 Job Search and Career
What is the Human resources department?
  1. the department that provides education and schools
  2. the department of the federal executive branch
  3. the department that provides policemen and firemen
  4. the department that recruits employees and administers company policies.
Grade 12 Executive Branch
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