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Grade 4 Social Sciences
A desert is a                                      
  1. dry region that gets very little rain
  2. low land that lies along an ocean
  3. flat stretch of land
Grade 3 Biomes
What is a desert?
  1. A very wet ecosystem
  2. A very dry ecosystem
  3. A cold and wet ecosystem
  4. A hot and dry ecosystem
Grade 6 Geography
What is a desert?
  1. A place that is very hot
  2. A place that is very dry
  3. A place that is very sandy
  4. A place that is very cold
Grade 6 Golden Age
Grade 7 African Geography
The Sahara Desert is:
  1. in Northern Africa.
  2. in Southern Africa.
  3. in Eastern Africa
  4. in Western Africa
Grade 5 Biomes
The world's largest hot desert is                    .
  1. the Kalahari Desert
  2. the Sonoran Desert
  3. the Sahara Desert
  4. the Gobi Desert
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